In a world where technologies touch more and more every aspect of our daily life Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC is making every effort to provide the required resources such as innovations and investments with the purpose of becoming one of the leading Bulgarian suppliers of solutions in specific sectors like engineering, travel and finances, and a most respectable company as our shareholders can confirm. With regard to the rights and obligations set out by the legislative framework relating to public companies (companies with shares traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia) the corporation carries out its operations through its subsidiaries (companies in which it holds more than 25% of the capital).

Our values:

  • High level of satisfaction of our clients’ needs: our clients’ success is also a success for our company;
  • Openness and honesty in dealing with our business partners;
  • Development of a corporate identity and social responsibility culture.

These values are guaranteed by the Corporate Management Practices that we have adopted:

Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC does business in strict application of the principles of good corporate management.

Principle one: Shareholders’ rights

The framework of corporate management of Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC protects shareholders’ rights. The corporation’s strategic objective has always been to orient the multiple interests of its shareholders towards improving the corporate management with a view to increasing the corporation’s activity and reaching a balance of interests between all stakeholders: founders (legal entities and individuals), major shareholders, small shareholders, shareholders of subsidiaries, and investors. Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC is among the few Bulgarian holding companies that keep continuously in touch with their shareholders through a dedicated office.

Principle 2: Equal treatment

The management of Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC provides equal treatment to all shareholders, including small ones or foreign shareholders.

Principle 3: Participation of stakeholders to corporate management

The management of Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC recognizes the legal rights of all stakeholders and encourages the active collaboration between the company and these stakeholders in view of forming a wealth, creating new jobs and assuring the sustainable development of stable enterprises.

Principle 4: Information disclosure and transparency

The management of Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC ensures the timely and accurate disclosure of information on all matters concerning the corporation, including its financial situation, the performance, the ownership and the management of the corporation’s business.

Principle 5: Responsibilities of management bodies

The corporate management framework of Technology and Innovation Corporation PLC assures the corporation’s strategic management, efficient control over the management bodies and accountability of these management bodies to the corporation and its shareholders.